Bodhicitta as Magick

Can You Buy Ambien Online Legally The Brahma Viharas   |   Vipassana as Magick The same paradigm that applies to the brahma viharas can apply to relative bodhicitta, that wish to achieve Buddhahood for the benefit and awakening of all beings. The Mahayana is distinguished by its emphasis on bodhicitta, and so contains many practices specifically designed to cultivate not only the wish and aspiration of relative and ultimate bodhicitta, but also the living experience of bodhicitta, much as we can also cultivate the brahma viharas. The same logic that argues for the brahma viharas being among the highest forms of skillful magick applies equally to the cultivation of bodhicitta. There are many bodhicitta practices, and you can find them in countless books on the Mahayana as well as in the “Wikiyana”, but it is considered crucial in the Mahayana to receive instructions on relative and ultimate bodhicitta from living masters, as there is truly something magickal about hanging out with those who have learned these well. Further, we can cultivate the wisdom that realizes ultimate bodhicitta, with this being the highest form of magick there is. On that note… Order Zolpidem Tartrate Online The Brahma Viharas   |   Vipassana as Magick

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