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This book assumes that its readers are interested in practicing deeply and realizing for themselves the teachings of the Buddha, in this body, in this life. It explains the Three Trainings of Morality, Concentration, and Wisdom, helping to clarify what each is designed to accomplish and explain how that is done in straightforward, empowering terms. It stands in contrast to many contemporary dharma books in that it explicitly assumes that mastery of the traditional states and stages of the path is attainable, as well as providing explicit warnings of the complexities that can arise on the path of attainment.
It pulls no punches when it comes to exploring the pros and cons of contemporary Buddhism and medative traditions in general, debunking myths and disempowering dogmas while simultaneously emphasizing those real accomplishments that reality testing has shown can be achieved. It provides extensive maps of the range of meditative terrain as well as careful guidance for how to avoid the common traps inherent in maps and goals. It draws extensively from the remarkable, reproducible experiments and technologies worked out by skilled meditators long ago augmented by innovations pioneered by a community of great practitioners today.
It calls you, the reader, to awaken to the remarkable potentials in yourself for wisdom and kindness. This second revised and expanded edition of the book significantly expands the sections on training in Concentration including more on the deep end of what can be accomplished, contains further autobiographical material about the author which is used to cover additional practical meditation topics, and upgrades nearly all other sections to address feedback that people were kind enough to provide on the first edition. May this book be for the benefit of all beings.


Daniel M. Ingram

I have a vision of how meditation is talked about, taught, shared and practiced that draws from the best of what I have been exposed to and seen happen, a vision that is all about personal empowerment, stripping away dogma and unhelpful taboos, people sharing with each other in ways that are down-to-earth, helpful, and pragmatic, and the vision that it can be done, rather than a dharma world that is mysterious, artificially heirarchical, dogmatic, and secretive.

I hope you will find information that is supportive of the development of insight and peace in your life.